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Dr. W.R. Portee – Founder (Sunset, Nov. 2, 2015)

Pastor Denise Portee, Pastor, Southside Christian Palace Church


W.R. Portee was born and raised in a Christian home in South Carolina. His grandfather was an attorney and his mother was an evangelist.  As a child he intended to pursue an acting career. He studied acting for 4 ½ years in Hollywood, CA. But God called him to a higher destiny—to prophesy and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So he returned to school and studied Theology for another 4 ½ years.

Dr. Portee’s experience in the ministry includes 18 years of evangelizing before starting to pastor Southside Christian Palace Church in 1972. Besides being called as an evangelist, pastor, prophet and apostle Bis. Portee published Trumpet In Zion Magazine and is the author of many books and tracts including: The Seven Pillars in the Unity of the Church, Tongues of Fire, Seven Reasons Jesus Has Not and is Not Coming Now, Seven Steps to Dominion, Healing From Christ and How to Receive it, The Mystery Power of Faith and many others.


Dr. Portee’s daily radio broadcast can be heard on KTYM 1460 AM at 12:30 pm (PST) and worldwide via the Internet at

In 1999, Bis. Portee commenced his Apostolic Mission to Africa and has spoken face to face to   18 million people and seen over 3 million accept Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior!  In that time his crusade attendance has grown from an average of 25,000 to over 500,000 a night. God is now causing him to walk in his divine calling and destiny to carry Christ’s message to the nations of the world. 

He is also the archbishop and chief apostle over the International Fellowship of Churches composed of many churches under various bishops and pastors. Their annual convocation/conference convenes the first week of December each year under the banner: The International New Millennium Prophetic Ministers Conference.